View Full Version : 7/31/05 & 8/02/05 - Server downtime

Thu, 28th Jul 2005, 01:06 PM
On Sunday night, July 31, 2005 The Planet will be conducting site-wide network maintenance on the TippingPoint network anti-intrusion system at the DLLSTX2 data center for 2 hours, beginning at 11:59PM CDT (GMT-0500).

Although the scheduled work is expected to be transparent to customers, it is possible that some latency and packet loss may be experienced for very brief periods of time during the upgrade.

The Planet engineers will be performing a maintenance on the dark-fiber equipment which connects the DLLSTX2 data-center (1333 Stemmons) to our backbone pop. This will result in some packet loss and latency jitter for the data-center as redundant paths assume the load. We will endeavor to minimize the impact of this work but due to the nature of the maintenance it is possible for there to be brief interruptions in network reachability. This work will begin at 2:00am CST on August 2nd 2005 and last for 1 hour.

These are again just network maintenance downtimes being handled by the datacenter (The Planet) where our server is located.

On Sunday night (07/31/05) beginning midnight, www.maast.org may be unreachable for a period of roughly 2 hours.

Again on Tuesday morning (08/02/05) beginning at 2 am, www.maast.org may be unreachable for a period of roughly 1 hour.

Sorry for the trouble, but these downtimes are worthwhile compared to the unexpected ones. ;)